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The Blue Flag-awarded Trinćel Beach
The Blue Flag-awarded Trinćel Beach
Stara Novalja is a quiet settlement on the eastern side of one of Pag Island's many bays. Away from the trafficked main road of the island, yet close enough to the facilities of Novalja town, Stara Novalja has a rich offer for a romantic or family vacation.

On top of the small and intimate gravel and sandy beaches stretching all along the settlement, Stara Novalja is the location of one of the favorite family beaches of Croatia, the sandy Trinćel beach. Besides swimming and sunbathing there are several locations in the area where diving under water can open up a marvellous world for explorers. Stara Novalja is the home of several diving clubs who can organize underworld trips. It was a diver originating from Stara Novalja: Dražen Peranić (Deputy Chief of Ličko-Senjska County) who in the Spring of 2004 discovered one of Croatia's most important underwater archeological finds, the remains of a 1st cent. B. C. cargo ship with hundreds of amphorae in Mala Vlaška Bay on Island Pag's eastern side.

The beach all along Stara Novalja
The beach all along Stara Novalja
Basic food, drinks, fruits and vegetables can be bought in the settlement's two grocery stores or these can be also bought in the marts by Novalja town.

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